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Ka'opala Development Project


10-acres of land in Napili for Affordable Permanent Housing Community

Employing & Housing for Lahaina Survivors

The Ka'opala Development Project aims to create 100 multi-family rental homes in West Maui. Each home will feature 3-4 bedrooms and be available for both short-term and long-term leases. The project is located within a 10-acre community that is part of the State of Hawaii's emergency proclamation, designed to maintain a balanced ecosystem and utilize land and ocean features to create an autonomous community.

Multi-Family Homes: 78 Units

  • 2 Levels

  • 7 Buildings (1-2 bedroom units)

  • Single-Family Homes: 66 Units

  • 1 Level

  • 66 Buildings (3-4 bedroom units)

  • Community Center, Learning Center, Food Garden, Wetland Park.

    The primary focus of this project is compliance with the policies set by the Department of Hawaiian Homelands, which support land ownership. This means delivering the appropriated lands in a manner that is practical and accessible to all eligible individuals on the waitlist for an extended period. The project aims to expedite the application and lottery processes, enabling access to home-building products on DHHL land by 2025.

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