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Aunty Kekoa Enomoto receives the Annual Namahana Award of Excellence

Our very own Aunty Kekoa Enomoto, Director of Nā Ki‘i O Maui, received the Annual Namahana Award of Excellence!

The award is named after the beloved Aunty Lydia Namahana Maioho, who was the kiai (guardian or protector) of Hawaii’s Royal Mausoleum. A loyal supporter of the Celebration of the Arts, she taught us about having humility with pride and leadership through service.

The 32nd annual Celebration of the Arts held today at the Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua, where more than 125 of the state’s most renowned cultural practitioners, artisans, educators, speakers, fashion designers, photographers, and entertainers come together to celebrate and preserve all things Hawaiian.

This year’s theme “E Kāmau ke Kuleana…The Privilege and Responsibility Perseveres” focuses on the importance of passing on ‘ike (knowledge) to the next generations.

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